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Side Event CSW61 - Is there any added value to be a Woman Entrepreneur?

a cura di Bettina Giordani - Referente Nazionale FIDAPA BPW Italy comitato ad hoc comunicazione 

Is there any added value to be a Woman Entrepreneur? And if we add the country brand?



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 Concept Note, Agenda and panelists BIO :

Concept Note

Women’s economic empowerment in the changing working world is the focus of CSW61.

Relevant economic data show that there is a strong need for innovative entrepreneurs to revamp or invent a new type of economy.
At the same time, economists and academics agree and point out that women entrepreneurs are an under-tapped force that can rekindle economic expansion.

Women are becoming more entrepreneurial.   Could this be an added value? Do we have data, experiences etc. to back this up?

What kind of startups do women prefer to initiate? It seems that most startup enterprises are handicraft companies with little or no growth plan, sometime a self-employment solution to overcome lack of work.  Indeed, some of the most famous women entrepreneurs became entrepreneurs by inheriting their companies.

Our vision is that women can be great company leaders and that they can modify values driving the change. 

Data are offering us another point of view: most university graduate students are women. Are we really exploiting all these potentials? What are the possible causes hindering this process? Access to funds, family conciliation etc.?

Being a woman and a mother can create a different economic point of view.
We would like to analyze the possibility that a special attitude of caring, inclusion, diversity and capability to leverage traditions could be the real added value in starting different kinds of companies.

Local country brands such as “ Made in Italy” could be used by women  to become global innovative entrepreneurs. In our debate, we will have the possibility to review data, local experiences and share ideas to capitalize on them.

At the CSW60 we discussed and shared the concept that Women’s inclusion accelerates the reaching of our goal of full sustainable development. We aim at Women’s empowerment and the full realization of human rights for all women and girls. We realize that these steps are crucial for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and for achieving Planet 50-50 by 2030.

Where are we one year later?


Ms. Pia Petrucci, - FIDAPA BPW Italy - National President


Ms. Monica Parrella, General Director of the Department for Equal Opportunities, Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers; Italy

Ms. Franca Cipriani – Italian National Equality Councillor; Italy

Ms. Elena Centemero – President Equality and Non-Discrimination commission of the European Council  - Italy

Ms. Rossella Del Prete - Professor of Economic History, University of Sannio - Scientific Coordinator Kinetès SRL spin off unisannio  – Italy
Women can make the difference – Why

Mr. Alberto Milani – President Italy-America Chamber of Commerce, Inc - Italy
Women ability to pull consumers towards brands with the promise of belonging to an exclusive community

Ms. Beatriz Vidigal Xavier Da Silveira Rosa  - Entrepreneur Brasil
Being an engineer in the Defense sector, I’m an added value

Ms. Zeinab Mirza - political commentator and lecturer at the American University of Beirut – Lebanon
 more women entrepreneurs are slowly but surely emerging with innovative concepts, business ideas and successful ventures

 Ms. Paola Del Zotto Ferrari – Founder and Manager of nonprofit organizations, international community engagement and entrepreneurship – The United States
Women’s Entrepreneurship in the NonProfit Sector: A Perspective from the Trenches from both Italy and the United States

Ms. Silvina Moschini   Miss_Internet, Endeavor Entrepreneur & Founder of SheWorks  – Argentina
Challenges and opportunities of becoming a successful global women entrepreneur

Ms. Maria Elena Elverdin President of the International Federation of Women in Legal Careers - Argentina

Ms. Francesca Burack -  Enterprising and Professional Women New York City’s

Ms. Sandra Scagliotti Honorary Consul of Vietnam – (contribution with letter)


Ms. Bettina Giordani, Entrepreneur and Communication leader for BPW Italy, Italy


Ms. Linda Laura Sabbadini – Director of research - Italian National Institute of Statistics – Italy


Panelists BIO

An Event organized by
FIDAPA BPW Italy with the support of the Italian National Equality Councillor,
IFBPW Italy and key representatives from Italy, Lebanon, Unites States of America, Argentina, Brazil, Vietnam in the
sidelines of the 61th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW61)

 Date and time: 15 March 2017, from 10.00 am to 12.00 am

Venue: Permanent Mission of Italy to the UN (885 2nd Avenue, New York)


Leaders' summit - CSW61 | Galleria fotografica


La FIDAPA BPW Italy (Federazione Italiana Donne Arti Professioni e Affari) è un’associazione composta, in Italia  da circa 11.000 Socie  ed appartiene  alla Federazione Internazionale IFBPW (International Federation of Business and Professional Women) 


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